Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Tu-Tu-rrific Birthday

This year my daughter was turning 3, and last summer I had gotten Disney Princess Dresses for a local garage sale group on Facebook.  And they just wouldn't hold up and they're expensive and cheap looking (sorry Disney).  My daughter LOVES to dress up, and I thought to myself, why can't I make my own princess dresses?  And not to be "too full of myself", I thought "I could do it and do it better!"
I hate sewing always have, but now I find it kind of relaxing... I have became my mother (lol).....
So I thought Tu-Tu's and I'll just design my own tops because I couldn't find a pattern I liked.  (FYI, I know how to sew, but NEVER designed clothes or done anything like this).  So this is how I done a "Tu-tu-rrific Birthday"
 I had seen many ways people have made tutu's but I figured the easiest way would be to tie the tulle around the elastic waist band.  So I found on Pinterest a blog that gave a tutorial so I knew that I had the general idea right, funny this gal is from Indiana too.  You can check out her blog and tutu's here: http://simplyinspireddesigns.blogspot.com/2010/12/diy-tutu.html
*I cut mine into 4 in. wide pieces and 26-28 in. long. and tied them around the waist band.  When finished I went and hung the tutu's on one of my kitchen chairs and would cut the ends to make sure they were all an even length.  I wanted mine long and full for growing room.

Here is one half finished without trim and to see how well it fit my daughter. (Rapunzel outfit).
Then here's one of my finished products. (Aariel, the Little Mermaid). -front
-and back.
Okay I added rings, and thin ribbon to tie the tutu tighter, because I made them a little big for again, growing room.  Then I sewn a sash to wrap and tie to hide the small bulk of that tie.
I apologize I do not really have a tutorial for the tops because I literally randomly designed these things as I went and I was stressed on time.

Also a friend of mine, Miss Kelsie Ann at http://cutcraftcreate.blogspot.com/ has some awesome sewing projects, and has been participating in blog hops related to other sewing projects, which is why I making sure I get this shared and out there to all those who do love to sew because of a recent event.  Check out her site, and she has posts that'll guide you to those other blogs with such amazing projects so you too can get your craft on! : )